The school have gone into consultation to reduce the school intake numbers from 90 pupils to 60 pupils in foundation to take effect in September 2018.

This is for many reasons, but the main reason is to ensure we have a financial stable school in the future.

At present we have two classes going through school which are not full, which gives us a shortfall of over £100,000 each year.

This places a financial burden and ensures we have to make a lot of cuts in areas which would benefit from extra support. With a 90 pupil intake we cannot be sure that we will meet those numbers each year. We need to set our budgets by April and do not receive our numbers for foundation until May and therefore cannot put staffing measures in place earlier enough if we have a drop in numbers.

At 60 our school is more sustainable and meets the needs of our catchment. All other schools in the area have a maximum of 60 children in their intake and it is financial prudent to do this to ensure we can finance the running of the school properly. No other classes in school will be affected.

If you wish to make a comment on the proposals the Local Authority will take comments using the information from the following link:

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