Child Protection (Safeguarding)

The Children Act 1989 places a clear responsibility on schools to ensure they work together with other agencies to safeguard and promote the wellbeing of all children.

Our School recognises the contribution it can make to protect and support pupils in school. The Child Protection Policy states the aims of Kirk Ella St Andrew’s Community Primary School to safeguard and promote our pupils’ welfare, safety and health by fostering an honest, open, caring and supportive climate.

Pupil safety is of paramount importance in our aspirations to achieve the best outcomes for our children. The school’s commitment to Child Protection is reflected in the award of the School Safeguarding Accreditation by the East Riding Safeguarding Children Board (ERSCB) and East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC). Your child’s welfare is our responsibility and concern.

As a result, if concerns are raised within the school or a child or parent reports a situation involving possible abuse the school has a duty to inform the local Social Services Team Manager.

Any person employed to work with children in our school is expected to be cleared by a Disclosure and Barring Service check (DBS).

All correspondence regarding Safeguarding children should go through our Designated Lead Teacher (DSL). We have one Designated Safeguarding Lead and three Deputy Designated Lead teachers. These are:

All safeguarding policies are on the policies page




Operation Encompass

Our school takes part in a project that runs in partnership with Humberside Police and the Early Help and Safeguarding Hub (EHaSH). The project provides early reporting to schools of any domestic abuse incidents that occur outside of school but which might have an impact on a child attending school the following day.

Domestic abuse impacts on children in a number of ways. Children are at increased risk of physical injury during an incident, either by accident or because they attempt to intervene. Even when not directly injured, children are greatly distressed by witnessing the physical and emotional suffering of a parent. Operation Encompass has been created to address this situation. It is the implementation of key partnership working between the police and schools. The aim of sharing information with local schools is to allow ‘Key Adults’ the opportunity of engaging with the child and to provide access to support that allows them to remain in a safe but secure familiar environment.

Following the report of an incident of domestic abuse, by 9.00am on the next school day the school’s Key Adult will be informed that the child or young person has been involved in a domestic incident. This knowledge, given to schools through Operation Encompass, allows the provision of immediate early intervention through silent or overt support. The purpose and procedures in Operation Encompass have been shared with all parents and governors, are detailed as part of the school’s Safeguarding Policy and published on our school website.

A nominated member of school staff, known as a Key Adult, is trained to liaise with the police. At Kirk Ella St Andrews’ Community Primary School our Key Adult is Mrs Steven’s and Mr Church They will be able to use information that has been shared with them, in confidence, to ensure that the school is able to support children and their families. Information will be shared where it is identified that a child or young person was present, witnessed or was involved in a domestic abuse incident.

We always endeavour to offer the best support possible to our pupils and believe that Operation Encompass is going to be beneficial and supportive for all concerned children and families.

Further information and documents can be found on the Government website