Building respect, resilience & responsibility to encourage confident and questioning children who love learning.

Class Dojo

If you need further information about using ClassDojo, please contact your class teacher who will be able to guide you.

Online safety

We have a dedicated webpage that shows a wide selection of advice for children, parents and carers on the safe use of technology and the internet.

Our Staff 

Senior Leadership Role
Mr Church Head Teacher
Mrs Stevens Deputy Head teacher
Mrs McGarry Foundation/Y1 lead
Teaching Staff Role
Mrs Mcgarry Foundation teacher
Mrs Colville  Foundation teacher
Mrs Cockshutt Year 1 teacher
Mrs Cowling Year 1 teacher
Mrs Walmsley Year 1 teacher
Mrs Markham Year 2 teacher
Miss Riley  Year 2 teacher
Mrs Grima  Year 3 teacher
Mrs Smith  Year 3 teacher
Mrs Fisk  Year 3 teacher
Mrs Freeman Year 4 teacher
Miss Mackey  Year 4 teacher
Miss Fairbotham  Year 4 teacher
Mr Smith  Year 5 teacher
Mr Wood  Year 5 teacher
Mr Dunn  Year 6 teacher
Mrs White   Year 6 teacher
Mrs Dyson   Year 6 teacher
Mrs Wilson   Year 6 teacher
Support Staff Role
Mrs Boreham Nursery Nurse
Mrs Beach Nursery Nurse
Mrs Bodin Nursery Nurse
Mrs Kynman Foundation TA
Mrs Barnett Year 1 TA
Mrs Hemingway Year 1 TA
Mrs Heath Year 1 TA
Mrs Henry Year 1 TA
Mrs Alcock Year 1 TA
Mrs Holgate Year 2 TA
Mrs Monaghan Year 2 TA
Mrs Bland Year 2 TA
Mrs Barratt Year 2 TA
Mrs Davis Year 3 TA
Mrs Lamplough Year 3 TA
Mrs Holmes Year 4 TA
Mrs Barker Year 4 TA
Miss Coggin Year 4 TA
Mrs Harrington Year 4 TA
Mrs Windley Year 4 TA
Mrs Derbyshire Year 5 TA
Mrs Clarkson Year 5 TA
Miss Morrel Year 5 TA
Mrs Whyte-Burman Year 6 TA
Mrs Cook HLTA
Mrs Caley HLTA


Admin Team Role
Mrs Hodgson Business Manager
Mrs Wells Finance Office
Mrs Barlow Admin assistant
Premises Role
Mr O’Neill Site manager
Mr Prince Caretaker
Mrs Norton Cleaner
Mrs Hultum Cleaner
Mrs Johnson Cleaner
Mrs Parker Cleaner
Kitchen & Lunchtime Role
Mrs Turner Cook
Mrs Benson Kitchen assistant
Mrs Norton Kitchen assistant
Mrs Heelas Kitchen assistant
Mrs Hultum Kitchen assistant
Miss Hoyle Senior midday supervisor
Mrs Johnson Midday supervisor
Mrs Kingdom Midday supervisor
Miss Hoyle Midday supervisor
Mrs Parker Midday supervisor
Mrs Ridsdill Midday supervisor
Mrs Scott Midday supervisor
Mrs Sellers Midday supervisor
Mrs Smith Midday supervisor
Mrs Stark Midday supervisor
Mrs Watson Midday supervisor
Mrs Young Midday supervisor
Miss Broderick Midday supervisor