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English at Kirk Ella St Andrew’s Primary School

In English, our aim is to ensure that every child becomes a reader, a writer and confident speaker by the time they leave Kirk Ella St Andrew’s Primary School.


At Kirk Ella St Andrew’s Primary School, we encourage children to become confident, independent readers. Children are provided with many opportunities to read, enjoy and share books as well as being exposed to a language rich environment, which provides access to many different types of print. We foster a love of reading by having designated reading areas, providing and sharing a range of texts within class and giving children the opportunity to read for pleasure in D.E.A.R Time sessions.

At our school, we use a variety of strategies to support the teaching of reading, as all learners are individual and therefore can require different approaches to secure their skills.

These strategies include:

• The systematic teaching of synthetic phonics

• Whole class reading lessons using high quality and challenging texts

• Focused Reading Tasks when children work individually, in groups or as a whole class to use and apply their reading skills

• Independent reading

• DEAR Time (Drop Everything And Read). This is a special time of day when children and staff are given time to read thereby encouraging children to read regularly for pleasure.

• Recommended book lists for each year group are shared with parents and children as well as being displayed in classrooms. These can be found by clicking the photo


Phonics is taught daily in EYFS, Year One and Year Two using a nationally accredited scheme called Little Wandle.

A parents support page can be found by clicking the image below.

Reading Schemes

At Kirk Ella St Andrew’s Primary School, we have a range of reading books that have been combined to make our reading scheme. In Early Years and KS1 the children’s reading books are matched to the phonics they are learning. Subsequently, the reading books are colour banded to show progression. The colour banded books include fiction, non-fiction and poetry which are carefully selected to match reading levels and interests.

Reading at home

Children are encouraged to read aloud to an adult at home at least four times a week. Parents are key partners in children’s learning and are requested to discuss the book with their child and to write a comment in the Reading Record.

Leaflets to help you support your child with reading at home


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