Online safety

We have a dedicated webpage that shows a wide selection of advice for children, parents and carers on the safe use of technology and the internet.

Class Dojo

If you need further information about using ClassDojo, please contact your class teacher who will be able to guide you.

Remote learning

This guidance explains what the school will do to ensure that learning is continued, during a lockdown or isolation period.

Sporting achievements & awards

The school is represented locally, regionally and nationally in many different sporting competitions. It prides itself on giving all children the opportunity to represent the school at some level. It is one of two schools in the area that holds the Platinum School Games Mark due to the length of time it has held the Gold award. As the school is large we feel it is important that we do not focus on the few to represent the school so we have selective and non-selective events. All children from Year 3 to Year 6 have had the opportunity to represent the school.

The school organises it’s own Biathlon competition as well as having a sports week where all children are involved. This includes Multi-skills, Football, Netball and Rugby.

We enter the Regional Haltemprice Sports Evening where schools from the area compete at Costello Stadium.

At the end of the year is the School Sports Partnership Ceremony were specific children are chosen from across the region for their excellence and dedication to sport. Each year we have many children who do well in this with our school teams winning top honours and children receiving the Sports Personality of the Year award. The current award winners are below with other honours over the year.


– Cluster Tournament, 1st, 2nd and 3rd
– 7 a side County Final, 2nd
– 6 a side County Final, Winners

– Regional 6 a side Final, Winners

– Regional 7 a side Final, Semi-Final
– Humberside Cup final, Winners


– County League – Winner of League
– County Final – 3rd

Cross Country

– Cluster Tournament, 1st – Boys Y3/4, 1st – Girls 3/4 and 2nd – 5/6 Boys
– County Final, 1st – Boys Year 5/6
– Regional Final, 1st – Year 5/6 Team


– Cluster Competition, Year 3 Girls – 1st and 2nd, Year 3 Boys, 1st and 2nd, Year 4 Girls – 1st, Year 4 Boys, 1st and 2nd,  Year 5 Girls – 1st , Year 5 Boys, 1st, Year 6 Girls – 1st, Year 6 Boys, 1st and 2nd

– England Biathlon Championships, 5th – Under 10 Boys, 25th, 26th – Under 11 Boys – 3rd, 26th, 74th – Under 12 Boys, 57th – Under 10 Girls, 91st Under 11 Girls, 124th U12 Girls, 123rd
– National school Biathlon Championships, Team ranked 3rd
– Yorkshire Biathlon Final, Y6 Boys Individual Only – 4th, 1st – Y6 Girls Team, 1st – Y5 Boys Team, 1st – Y5 Girls Team, 1st –
Y4 Boys Team


– Cluster Tournament, Year 5/6 Teams 1st, 5th and 6th
– County Final – 1st


– Sportshall Athletics Cluster Competition – 1st -Year 5/6 and 1st – Year 3/4
– Sportshall Athletics Regional Final – 1st -Year 5/6 and 4th – Year 3/4
– Quad Kids County Final, 1st – Year 5/6, 1st – Year 3/4

– County Final, Year 5/6 – 1st, Year 3/4 – 1st
– Regional Final, 1st – Year 5/6, 3rd – Year 3/4

TAG Rugby

– Cluster competition – 1st and 3rd
– County Final, 1st – Year 5/6 and 1st – Year 3/4
– Regional Final, 3rd – Year 5/6

East Riding SSP School Sport Presentation Evening

Outstanding Individual Performance in Physical Education

1st – Ava Brocklehurst, Highly Commended – Lucas Hilton

Outstanding Individual Performance in Sport

Highly Commended – Max Wright

Support in a Voluntary Leadership/Volunteer Role

Highly Commended – Matthew Henderson

Outstanding Contribution to Extra Curricular School Sport

Highly Commended – Reece Iversen

Outstanding School Team

1st – School Biathlon Team, 3rd – School Football Team