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Class Dojo

If you need further information about using ClassDojo, please contact your class teacher who will be able to guide you.

Online safety

We have a dedicated webpage that shows a wide selection of advice for children, parents and carers on the safe use of technology and the internet.

The Beach Hut

Our new Beach Hut room is a calm, tranquil area where children can quietly take part in activities with close adult supervision.

It is a place where children can feel safe and secure and can help develop their individual needs. Here children will have the chance to learn important social skills, how to take turns and listen to each other and to build friendships.  It is also a space where children can just relax and have some quiet time, read a book, do a jigsaw or colour in.

The Beach hut offers the opportunity for children to take part in craft making activities or learning important life skills such as following a recipe and baking some buns. As well as close adult supervision, our wonderful Jigsaw Juniors will be there to support the younger children, be good role models and play and talk with the children.

We are sure this new space will help to boost low self esteem, encourage positivity and also be an excellent space for SEND children, when they find unstructured times difficult.