The School Day

8.30am                 The school gates open (the playground is not monitored by staff during this time and children remain the responsibility of parents).

8.40am                 Teaching staff are outside and the first bell is sounded and the children line up.

8.45am                 The second bell signals the children to walk into school supervised by staff.

8.50am                 The school gates are locked by the caretaker. If you arrive after this time go to the main reception.

10.35-10.50am   Playtime children in Year 2-6

11.55-1.15pm       Lunchtime

3.10pm                 The gates are open for parents.

3.20pm                 End of the school day

At lunchtime, the children come into the dining hall in Year groups. All children can eat together, whether they have a packed lunch or a school meal.

The lesson structure varies between classes; staff are free to design their own timetable based on what will be the most effective learning journey for the pupils. This freedom ensures that the children’s learning needs are considered in every step of the lesson planning process.

Staff have their Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA) time on either a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday with cover provided by specialist PE and Music teachers.