Maths at Kirk Ella

During their time at Kirk Ella the children are taught using Big Maths as an approach to teaching and ensures a consistency to their learning. This resource provides us with the resources we require and gives us a foundation to build on. Below are two documents which provide an introduction for parents and an overview of the curriculum.

The school is part of a Maths Hub of experienced teachers which enables us to develop our teaching and to share good practice. This Hub looks at the current primary maths curriculum and looks at ways to develop mastery approaches to maths. This approach encourages the children to use their thinking skills and to consolidate their learning in a range of different ways and therefore cementing the children’s knowledge and understanding.

Every child  is given a Mathletics username and password which is an online maths program for the children to practice and learn. The website may be used for homeworks by class teachers and they can gain certificates over a period of time. These are Bronze, Silver and Gold. The Silver and Gold certificates are awarded in our celebration assembly and published in our newsletter.

Please use the links below if you would like to find out more.

Big Maths Website

Mathletics Website

NRICH Website